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We are PV Consult,

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Through our unique business model and approach, we deliver world-class

solar farm energy consultancy that not only has a positive impact on

the environment but also create sustainable value.

Want to establish and build your own Solar Farm? 

Engage with PV Consult we will make sure your project is finalised. PV Consult offer clients the opportunity to provide certain key aspects:


Provisional site analysis


PV site layout and design


Feasibility study


Assist in engaging with off-takers


Economic Model


Operations Model


Business Plans


Project Management

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Pre - Feasibility Project Overview Study Reports

  • Initial design based on the known land variables, distance to ESKOM.
  • Power evacuation & transmission access, tie-in points, topography, where applicable upgrade of transformers, overheads. 
  • Report includes aerial analysis and options on size / budget cost / performance to enable an interested party to have an overview of the financial viability. 
  • Security Analysis

Pre- Feasibility Business Plan Reports

  • A financial overview of the revenue forecasts
  • ROI
  • Cash Flows Forecasts
  • Viability 
  • Executive Overview Report

Preliminary Project Design & Security

  • An initial specification of equipment, including a basic BOM (Bill of Materials), includes security options
  • Design includes an initial land survey (preliminary).

    Financial Modelling (Detailed) Business Plans Bank / Finance

    • This takes  breaks down into a 5-10 -25-year financial model, with various input factors relating to the Tariff expectations, LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and escalations linked to the finance packages available. A financial overview of the revenue forcast.
    • ROI / Cash Flows  / Viability 
    • Executive Overview Report
    • Suitable for DTI 

    System Power Generation

    Horizontal Profile Of Site

    PV Consult aims to assist developers involved in preparing reports for Solar PV Farm developments. We also provide advice on opportunities for enhancement so that the approach to development delivers overall positive effects for biodiversity.

    Our engagement with any specific solar proposal will depend on the nature, scale and importance of
    the potential impacts on the environment.

    General Layout of a PV plant


    Supplier Evaluation / Tender Initial / Detailed

    • Sourcing and evaluation of potential suppliers / build companies from our database of known IPP builders / EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) companies available. Security Components
    • With a detailed BOM builders will compete for the project on a technical tender comparative. 
    • Key inputs being both cost, credibility and time lines.

    Finance Partners Tender

    • Using components of the  BOM / Finance Modelling we can issue tender to specific finance partners to achieve the lowest PPA / CAPEX.

    Detailed Project Design

    • The detailed analysis provides a report on production and simulation.
    • Required by banks / finance partners. 
    • Detailed BOM (Bill Of Materials)

    Off-Taker Research / Approaches

    • Providing details and first pass investigations into a likely off taker 
    •  Off-taker Contractual Negotiations (PPA)

    PV Plant Layout

    Geotech Report Land Survey LIDAR Report (Option)

    • This report is available in two formats. Initial can be done via satellite imagery and offers a low-cost analysis that is useful to gain a high-level understanding of any perceived risk profiles.
    • Full Land Survey

    EIA Environmental Analysis (Mandatory)

    • Covering the land and its environmental impact on the horticulture, fauna, water, flora any livestock etc. and is mandatory.
    • Carbon Credit Registration & Brokerage.

    On Site Sampling & Technical Analysis

    • In order to commit to finance and / or build, a detailed GEOTECH analysis of the land, any underground water, rock, or other impediments will be required, this involves 3rd party geologist and has a high-ticket price.

    Licensing And Compliance Via NERSA

    • Facilitating licensing applications and approvals with ESKOM and NERSA
    • ESKOM & Municipality 


    • Council / Regulation Applications
    • Security Report & Tender
    • Legal Issues / Contracts
    • Land Purchase / l;ease Negotiations & Contracts
    • Battery & Storage Solutions 

    Project Example

    PV Energy Consultant

    For a detailed project design example, download full project example here.

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