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Data and Financial Modelling/Tariff Swap

We offer this service to accurately size the system and provide a very detailed cost-benefit analysis. This report can be used to secure a tender proposal.

The report is also often required by any finance company (including most of the banks, or PPA providers).

By securing the data, ideally, the last 365 days of historical data, showing hourly, daily and monthly consumption, we can obtain a detailed insight into your consumption patterns.

We use the industry-standard Helioscope software to provide a Guaranteed analysis of the kWh production of your solar over the next 25 years.

This Data Modelling report allows us to match your consumption V the PV production and will assess the exact benefits that your PV will provide. The report also ensures the supplier’s proposal and warranty is comparative and measurable.

HelioScope Designs


We use state of the art software technology to create 3D designs of solar PV systems that are accurately sized for your roof.

Get information on annual solar production. Assess shading and alternative inverter/panel configurations.

Data includes Daily / Monthly / Annual PV Production in kWh

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Understanding The Data


By calculating the hourly PV generation we can analyse the exact savings:-

(1) Calculate the actual savings from the PV solar daily, weekly ,monthly and as an annual calculation.

(2) Assess the Peak Demand and the best Tariff Structure

(3)The seasonal tariff variation is also taken into account. This differentiates between Off-Peak, Peak and Standard Tariffs for the Time of Use structures for both HIGH SEASON and LOW SEASON.

These above savings are combined to forecast the return on investment in the financial model.

Peak Demand-PV-Solar
Solar PV-Peak-kVA

The kVA demand charge can be a significant component of your utility bill

By using both solar and generator we can reduce the peak and save. This is known as PEAK MANAGEMENT to ensure maximum reduction of apparent demand (kVA).

Data Modelling


Within the data we provide a detailed look into how much consumption you use per hour each day, as well as the exact amount of solar production per hour each day for a specific PV System.

Solar Production

Get accurate monthly solar production data for your PV system size along with all components involved such as inverters, Solar Panels and or optimizers needed to run your system effectively.



Consumption Savings Vs Solar Production



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