From Point A to B

Wheeling is in essence the paying for the transmission of power generated from point A to point B using the ESKOM infrastructure.

The process whilst complex and subject to many NERSA / ESKOM regulations is applicable to  clients with insufficient roof space for their own self generation.

The key opportunities are to match IPP’s (Independent Power Producers) to clients known as OFF TAKERS.

Wheeling Power

Wheeling Vs IPP (Independent Power Producer)

Wheeling Process

How It Works

The options can be either (a) the client has excess power from a rooftop, or have built a solar farm and require to transfer power from one site to another, or (b) where the client secures power from an existing IPP and enters into an agreement to buy both power and to pay ESKOM for the transmission.

PV Consult are members of SAIPPA (South African Independent Power Producers  Association)





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