Demand Seasons

Peak consumption may differ during different seasons. However solar production may also vary.

Solar panels do produce energy on days that are cloudier. However, the amount of energy produced on such days is at a lesser percentage than a clear day. Solar panels can usually generate around 10-25% of their standard energy production when it is cloudy. That’s where net-metering can help. Similar to how net-metering can store energy for the winter months, it can also help provide you with the energy you need on cloudy days. 


Peaking Daylight Hours

If the peak charge is created during day light hours, the solar will significantly reduce the peak and as a result create a major cost reduction.

Peaking Outside
Daylight Hours

If the peak is outside solar, it may also be prudent to consider using the generator to remove / reduce the peaks.

Solar PV-Peak-kVA

The kVA demand charge can be a significant component of your utility bill.

By using both solar and generator we can reduce the peak and save. This is known as PEAK MANAGEMENT to ensure maximum reduction of apparent demand (kVA).



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