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We Provide Independent Professional Advice On Your Solar Procurement Journey

 All clients want to do is reduce their electricity costs.


PV Consult assists clients to make an informed decision on the financial viability of solar.  


Minimize your risk profile.

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Solar Consulting
Solar Consulting
Solar Consulting
Solar Consulting
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Solar Consulting
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We Provide Independent EPC Quotations

See Our Transparent Tender Process Ensuring The Lowest Available Cost


We offer this service to accurately size the system and provide a very detailed cost-benefit analysis. 


Using a transparent process we assist you in creating a suitable document to obtain comparative offers and supplier responses.


We monitor the delivery against agreed BOM and timelines, ensuring all the benefits and deliverables are accounted for.

As an Independent Solar Consulting Company

We Provide Data Driven Solutions To Help You Make Better Decisions 

Why Go Independent?

We can ensure that risks are minimized, vendor bids meet specs and are fairly evaluated, and that the finished system operates as expected.

Why Choose Our Financial Consulting Report?

Avoid guestimates.

Our detailed report shows the actual impact of solar matched to the actual kWh consumed V the solar produced. 

Clients are often faced with the following challenges

Multiple supplier options, each with different analysis of needs, sizing often based on estimates from recent utility bills.

This is where PV Consult Comes In

PV Consult use the Helioscope design matched against hourly consumption to provide a detailed analysis of the financial benefits and ROI.

PV Consult will prepare and issue a tender document and guide the client through the process of supplier selections. Prepare Contracts, SLA’s, and Warranty.

Additional services include; Negotiations to 3rd party funding for  PPA’s, Roof Rentals Lease.

We Will Support You Every Step Of The Way To The Finished Project.

Our Services Include:-  


The penalty Peak Demand is based on the maximum kVa over a 30 minute period during any billing period. Does the solar reduce it?


The devil is in the detail to be assured the delivery, payment terms  and warranty is clarified. PPA contracts are highly complex.


PV Consult offer technical engineering services to support the tender. Phase 1 includes the TIE IN diagram and a Roof Structural survey. 


We establish the best tariff option that provides the highest savings before and after solar.


Wheeling is in essence the paying for the transmission of power generated from point A to point B using the ESKOM infrastructure. 

A Holistic Range Of Services & Consulting Covering Finance & Market Intelligence   


Understand & compare the options available, including ON & OFF BALANCE SHEET finance packages.


Seeking back up power from a generator or battery for critical areas? We advise on how to best protect against load shedding.


Dealing with ESKOM for solar, obtaining data, SSEG rebates (banking & wheeling), all requires professional navigation.


Keep abreast of latest market related developments & recommend options available, what to avoid and where the market is trending.

Our Focus – Cut The Jargon  

With our experience of the industry, we are in effect your eyes and ears to recommend the best solar system that meets your needs.

With multiple suppliers,  all with similar equipment, our role is to assist you to make an informed decision.

The key is in securing the best system that will continue giving benefits for at least 25 years.

Trust The Process 

We are a result-oriented team and we are here to deliver positive results. Read testimonials from some of our  clients.

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“Eric gave us great advice, we then undertook a tariff swap saving us a significant % age of our COCT bill …Highly recommended”.

Kris Liedenberg

CEO, Colpak Printing Package Maitland

CFW Fans

“PV Consult obtained detail consumption for our multiple factories in order to give advice on overall savings”.

Adrian  Koen

CFW Fans Parow Industrial

Millenium Business Park

“Great analysis and clarity on our data. We made the right choice.

Thanks Eric”

Ronald Jessop

GRI Towers


“Very Professional and accurate data representation, On behalf of GRI Towers all my interactions and consultations have been highly productive and informative, we are now much better versed.. when we go solar I will be sure to recontact PV Consult for further input. Great Job.”

Roxanne Wilson, Procurement Manager 

DF Bakery

With our extensive ESKOM bills we sought advice and consultation, very happy with the opinion and outcome from PV Consult, highly recommended..

Peter Capozza

MD DF Bakery



“The PV Consult team did a sterling job analysing and making recommendations, obtained a very competitive PPA, always transparent and happy to recommend”.

Mike Wood


Veri Vision


“When we need PV advice for our clients we use PV Consult for their advice, so far they have delivered every time”.

Keith Lewis

MD Verivision




“ The feasibility report was a key component in our business decision to go solar.

Highly valuable and comprehensive, I can recommend PV Consult”


Hannes Van Wyk

Project Manager



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