Tie In Points

Phase 1 includes a birds eye view of the electrical layout to provide the EPC with the available DB Boards, where situated and their size, therefore this enables the final line drawing design.

The EPC will require knowledge of the tie in points to calculate their inverter size, placement and the implementation costs.

Phase 2 of the detailed line drawings is normally the responsibility of the chosen EPC, although we can provide at an additional cost.



Roof Structural Survey

Whilst there is no specific legislation to undertake any structural roof survey, it is highly recommended to initiate a site visit from a Structural Engineer to assess.

In phase one as part of our process we obtain a “opinion” from a qualified engineer as to the likely outcome, whether any potential roof strengthening, or perceived issues could impact on the project and / or cost implications,etc.

This is based on visual only and does not form part of a certified compliance for insurance.

In Phase 2 a detailed certificate is recommended to form part of the insurance for your building and is available as an extra cost, or provided by your own Structural Engineer, or via the chosen EPC.      



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